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The Create18 Fund, powered by Young Scot on behalf of EventScotland provides young people in Scotland aged 8 – 26 with the opportunity to celebrate and engage in the Year of Young People 2018 by staging their own unique event that will showcase their talents and abilities in their own communities across the country.

£42,000 will be distributed to groups all over the country and from fashion shows to community Lego Build days, there's something for everyone. 

22 teams have been successful during round 1; listed below. Round 2 closed on the 22 January 2018, and announcements will be made soon. 

The funding is distributed by a panel of representatives from Young Scot, Communic18, EventScotland, Creative Scotland and the Scottish Government. 

How do I attend these events?

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4ward 2gether, Celebrating Diversity

Location: East Ayrshire
Event date: January 2018

This event is a community concert which will raise funds for charity as well as providing a safe space for young people on a Friday night. The concert is part of an existing diversity programme in the community and Create18 funding will ensure the concert is part of the enhanced programme. The concert will feature local young bands and artists, showcasing local talent. The event will be about celebrating diversity, raising awareness of different cultures and bringing people together.

Cupar Identity Inc. Dream Team

Location: Fife
Event date: January - April 2018

As part of our LGBT group; Cupar Identity Inc. will run some art sessions where we can create a piece of art work that promotes our group and shows how art can be used to promote inclusion, positive mental health and encourage everyone to get involved in art no matter their skills or talents. We are hoping that this event can encourage more young people from the LGBT community to get involved in our group. We also aim to raise awareness of the diversity in our rural community and use art at the way to showcase our skills and talents to everyone. We aim to work with a local artist to develop this piece over several sessions and then hold an event to unveil the piece to community. We hope to have this as a physical and digital piece so that we can promote this to the online community too. Check out the event page here.

Twist and Hit Cheerleaders

Location: Renfrewshire
Event date: February 2018

The event will be a day of workshops comprising of fun activities, games, skills and drills, healthy eating session, sport psychology/confidence building sessions for children of all ages.

Scottish Dragons

Location: South Lanarkshire
Event date: February 2018

A showcase event within the Whitehill Community Centre where the new 'Hub' is. The objectives are: To demonstrate the learning of young people, to promote the learning opportunities on offer within the community, to raise the profile of the community learning hub, advertise the event using all areas methods available social media, newspapers, word of mouth, partner agencies Plan, organise and perform a show demonstrating the diversity of the learning taking place, use all learner groups to perform in the event. Check out the event page here.

North Edinburgh Young People's Forum

Location: City of Edinburgh 
Event date: March 2018

A celebration award night in North Edinburgh. Pupils will be voting in schools and community projects for the young people they believe deserve recognition for either their contribution or involvement in areas such as community participation, eco warrior and sports talents. This will not only promote the positive elements of young people in the community but allow their achievements to be recognized by their peers and family members at an awards night. The youth talks event in 2015, identified by young people and professionals that there needed to be more recognition for young people giving a positive light on young people rather than all the negative media of young people in the North of the City. 

The Youth Radio Network Events Team

Location: Midlothian
Event date: April 2018

“Forget the X-Factor We Bring you the Youth Factor! The Youth Radio Network is proud to bring you some of the best local talent in Scotland, singers, musicians and lots more! We are bringing you an evening like no other live music and entertainment for the whole family! Aside from the music we also have a raffle (with some fab prizes) a tombola and lots more. There will also be refreshments available for you while enjoying the show and best of all supporting young people and your community as well as The Youth Radio Network.”
This event aims to Showcase the amazing talents of young people and Provide opportunities for young people to express themselves through their music culture. Not only this we want this event to help the different generations interact and create a positive relationship, all round. So that adults have a better understanding of young people and young people have a better understanding of adults. We also want to address certain themes throughout the event, these themes being things like Equality and Discrimination, Enterprise and Regeneration and Culture. Check out the event page here.

Active East ER

Location: Glasgow City
Event date: April 2018

This main aim of this event is to provide young people with an opportunity to stay active during the Easter school holidays, have access to free activities in a safe environment and try a variety of new sports. We want young people to have access to a free, fun and inclusive event during school holidays. This event is aimed at young people from 5-14 years old from the East End of Glasgow. Our event will run from 11am -3pm on Saturday 7th April. Our event will include a dance performance to warm up followed by free activity zones throughout the day. The day will conclude with an Easter Egg Hunt with prizes to be won. We will work with local shops to provide free prizes. Activities we plan to deliver on the day are: Sports Zone; Paint the t-shirt; Hook the bunny; Basketball; Pop-up sports that include, tennis, badminton, dodgeball, ultimate frisbee, creative sports; Under 5s play zone; Healthy active eating zone. All our activities are adaptable to for young people with disabilities. Check out the event page here. 

Alness Youth Forum

Location: Highland
Event date: April 2018

We are inviting the community to celebrate the refurbishment of 'The Place'. The Place is our youth club and years ago used to be the community town hall. Our youth worker told us that years ago people used to travel miles to come to the dances sometimes on their tractors. It has been used as a youth club for a few years because our youth worker used to go to it. It has been called The Place since 1990. Our group decided we wanted to make it look better so we have planned ways to improve it and have been fundraising for paint. We would like to open The Place to the general public because this means our young people and their families can see The Place in its new refurbished state. We will finish the week by having a huge fun day for all the local children on the Saturday morning from 11-3 we will have a bouncy castle, face painting and soft play for primary youngsters and then from 6-10 we will have an event for teenagers.

Bridge 2 Business

Location: Glasgow City
Event date: April 2018

Event focused on talks on the business stories of young entrepreneurs, how/ why they started, an explanation of their innovation and also what they have learned throughout the process. A panel discussion will then give the opportunity for a Q&A from the audience and the main focus will be to understand more about the business journey and the lessons learnt. Following a short break, a talk centred around a business with social impact run by a young entrepreneur will cover their own story but also set the right tone for the workshop to follow. An event all about entrepreneurship and being inspired! 

Young Minds Combined

Location: Inverclyde
Event date: April 2018

We will put on an art exhibition at our local arts centre to showcase our talents and skills during the Easter holidays. We are working with a local community arts group to create a one-off piece of work that represents our services and the team work between us, this will be the main focus. Everyone will have the opportunity to take part and the artwork will span the ages and stages. We have invited everyone who works with the service to create their own work of art either individually or as a group. A launch event where our friends and families come along will show them all of our hard work. We are also going to invite people from our local community including; teachers, MPs, MSPs and Councillors, local community organisations, social work staff and Barnardos staff. We think it’s important to invite a variety of people from the local community to challenge the negative views which many people have of young people.


Location: Renfreshire
Event date: April/May 2018

A family fun day which will include live music, character drawings, dance performances, balloon animals and magicians. We will also have an Easter egg hunt with the Children as the event will be around Easter time. We will get young talent in Renfrewshire to come along and show what talents they have whether its art or dance we would like everyone’s talents to be celebrated. We are hoping to involve community groups, voluntary groups and low funded groups to showcase that activities and opportunities are available for all.

Youth Legacy Ayrshire

Location: South Ayrshire
Event date: June 2018

We will host an annual awards night where we will celebrate and showcase the invaluable work carried out by an inspirational group of Sports Leaders and award those who have excelled within their roles as well as recognise the whole group and thank them for their work and encourage their long-term involvement within volunteering. Find out more here

Recharge Youth Managers

Location: East Lothian
Event date: March 2018

A sports event where Recharge Youth Centre Staff complete in various sports with young people. The event will be open to the community and there will be various healthy snacks etc for everyone taking part.

The Incredibles

Location: Argyll and Bute
Event date: June 2018

This event is a family party day where we invite local people living in Rothesay, including the new Syrian refugee families, to come and discover our many different cultures through our traditional food, fashion and music. We will provide traditional food from our countries for people. We will have a fashion show looking at our traditional and modern dress, e.g. fashion for the hijab. We will also, throughout the day, play music from our different countries for people to experience. We will finish the day with typical dances from our many countries. We will invite everyone to join in and learn the dances for a final celebration at the end. We will also include some Scottish music so we can have a multi-cultural Ceilidh to end the event! The event would be part of Refugee Week Scotland, June 2018.

Stirling Young Carer's Voice

Location: Stirling
Event date: June 2018

A family fun day which will focus around health and wellbeing, for young people but also for the wider community. Our first objective is to highlight the contribution that young people make in our local community through engaging with local young people and families. This will be done through a range of workshops and taster sessions highlighting important themes around health and wellbeing and giving people the opportunity to try out new activities which could improve their wellbeing. Our second objective is to ensure that young people can have their voices heard and are aware of local support. This will be done through discussions with local decision makers/invited guests at different stations on the day and by inviting local charities and organisations to attend. Our final main objective is to reduce the stigma around disability and identifying yourself as a carer. We hope to increase awareness of illness and disability and unpaid carers and reduce discrimination in relation to these.

South Lanarkshire Young Sports Panel

Location: South Lanarkshire
Event date: June 2018

Two events in different locations will take place so we are more accessible to young people from across South Lanarkshire. We will give young people an opportunity to be active and have a celebration of young people. We will link with local facilities, sports clubs and other local activity providers to offer a fun day of different taster sessions. We will use funding to promote our event with flyers, posters and banners in schools, universities, youth clubs, sports centres and further on social media. We will also like to be able to provide young people with merchandise for example a pen or wristband which will promote our group and the YoYP 2018. We will need to pay for professional coaches for them to deliver fun activities on the day. All these activities will relate to sport and healthy lifestyle for example fitness class taster sessions, specific sport sessions with friendly competition and presentations about health
and nutrition. We will provide participants with bottled water and a DJ will create an exciting atmosphere to get participants pumped up! 

Fife Council, CLD (Youth Action Group)

Location: Fife
Event date: June 2018

We're organising a music event to showcase local musical talent. Our group has links locally with youth projects delivering music for young people e.g. Burntisland Music Project and Kirkcaldy YMCA. We will invite local young people to perform at the event and we're looking for Fife young people and families to attend. This will give young people the chance to show their talents and to promote our youth projects. We also hope this event will raise the profile of young people, planned and organised by young people, performances by young people, and for young people. We want to show adults and the community what we can achieve and that we do care about our local community and want to make it a better place.

75th Anniversary Event

Location: South Lanarkshire
Event date: June 2018

We will host a 75th Anniversary Fun Day. The event will celebrate 75 years of Carluke Young Farmers. We want this event to bring everyone in our community together, celebrate the hard work and achievements of our members over 75 years, recruit new members by sharing what we do and create good news stories to portray our young members positively.

Speyside Arts and Crafts Club

Location: Moray
Event date: June 2018 

An exhibition to showcase our arts and crafts. We will take part in the art workshops and will take responsibility for planning, organising and creating our own exhibition which will be open to the wider community of Moray. We are looking to take part in a painting and drawing workshop, a sculpting workshop, a wood working workshop and a papercraft workshop. We are planning a 7-day exhibition of the work we create from the workshops, allowing us to showcase our talent to our community. We want to involve the community in running the exhibition and encourage all the local schools to come along. Find out more about the event here

The Doing Group

Location: Glasgow City
Event date: June 2018

This event is be a one-day symposium, bringing together a programme of young people from around Scotland who have creative practices concerned with shaping the future. Our generation faces huge social and environmental crisis ahead and yet we are rarely given the space to empower one another and imagine change for ourselves. This event would showcase the ideas of young people in which they use creativity to contribute to future change.

Mid Argyll Youth Forum

Location: Argyll and Bute 
Event date: June 2018

We will run workshops in most of the villages using Lego as a tool to have conversations in Mid Argyll through-out the year with a coming together to showcase all our Lego builds. We will also invite other residents through-out Argyll and Bute to bring their builds along to showcase too. We hope families will come together at building workshops and it doesn’t matter whether your 8 or 80 you would still be able to participate. We always have to learn about what we are building before we get to actually build the model. For example, we were building a really big model of the Eiffel Tower and we had to learn all about it and do a presentation on our findings. We even built a Wind Turbine which we had to do a project on renewable energy. We don’t have a special event in our village and we would like to start one in the hope that this one would be the start of something that we could do on an annual basis.

Blair's Belles

Location: Falkirk
Event date: TBC

We are a group of young women who live in HMYOI Polmont. We will hold a “bridging the gap” coffee morning and tasting session. We will showcase all we have learned and the skills we have developed as a team. We will also provide a presentation on what we have learned and what the benefits were. We will give out our cookbook here, we will also make copies available in the Learning Centre, Library and Life Skills Area.