Why You Don't Need to Be in a Relationship to Be Happy in Relationships

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Single? Don't fret, there are plenty of advantages to living the single life!

Being single has it's advantages...

There are many reasons why being single is great that you may not have considered!

  • You can learn how to be happy in your own skin. It is worthwhile learning how to love yourself before committing to love another person. After all how can you love them well when you don’t value yourself? 
  • Being single is a great opportunity to develop self confidence and gather a good sense of who you are as an individual. You don’t have to try and impress someone, or try to be someone you’re not. You can just be you!
  • The world is your oyster, take advantage of it! Single people are freer to make decisions about what to do with their lives. They can go to college or university wherever they want, live where they want, or pursue careers or interests without having to worry about what someone else’s plans are!
  • Take up some new activities and revel in being able to do what you want! Relationships are full of comprimises and you often have to sacrifice doing things for the sake of the relationship. Want to spend a night in watching Mean Girls or the Star Wars Trilogy for the 15th time? Go ahead, there's nothing that can stop you!
  • You get to hang out with your pals. Friends are great for sharing the highs and lows of life with. Often your friends are the biggest sufferers of your relationship as you are forced to neglect them in favour of your partner! When you are in a relationship you don't get to see your friends as much. Now is your time to go on holiday with them, hang out with them in the pub or simply spend hours having banter with them watching rubbish on TV!
  • You don't have to put up with a partners moodiness, nagging and (often) bad habits! And most of all you can do whatever you want without worrying you will be annoying your partner!

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