Where to Meet New Friends at Uni and College in Relationships

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Starting uni or college, and suddenly not being with your school friends every day, can be both nerve-wracking and exciting, but there are loads of opportunities to meet new people. 

1. Clubs and societies


One of the best things about student life is the numerous groups you can join. There's something for everyone, whether it's a sports team, arts club or language society. Having something in common with fellow members automatically makes small talk much easier. And clubs are always eager to get fresh first years involved. Plus, you can gain loads more skills and experience to put on your CV.

2. Student accommodation 


If you're staying in student accommodation you'll be surrounded by loads of new people. You'll probably end up spending a lot of time with your roommates, so it's a great idea to make an effort with them. Buy a door stop and stick it in your door, which makes it much easier for passing people to pop in to say hello. Better still, buy some sweets or biscuits and put them in a communal place with a friendly note - you'll be the most popular person in your halls! And try to avoid these bad habits which could get you off on the wrong foot with your flatmates.

3. Social networking


There's loads of opportunities to meet your new classmates before you even step foot on campus. Most courses set up Facebook groups in advance, allowing you to connect with your new classmates before you start. Lots of people find it easier to make connections with people online, so it could be a less intimidating way of introducing yourself to your new classmates. If you're nervous about your first day, you could arrange to meet a classmate beforehand so you can arrive together.

4. In class


It can be slightly intimidating starting a conversation when you're in a lecture hall with 500 people. But within the first weeks, you'll find yourself in smaller seminar or tutorial classes with regular faces where it's much easier to have one-on-one conversations. Most courses require group work at some point too. Take advantage of these connections by suggesting grabbing a coffee after class.

4. At work


Many students work part-time in shops, bars or call centres. It can be a great way of making some extra cash, gaining work experience and widening your social circle. 

6. Local events


Loads of businesses will be taking advantage of the new students. Clubs and bars have student nights and often shops have student lock-ins - where the shop has dedicated student discounts. Why not go along with a friend and see who you'll meet?

7. Join in


On your first few weeks, it may seem like everyone knows everyone else - they won't. In the first few weeks of classes, rigid friendship groups haven't formed. Asking if you can sit somewhere or joining in a group conversation are okay. If a group you're sitting with in a class are heading off to a freshers event, ask if you can tag along. 

Remember, everyone else in uni is in the in the same boat as you. The vast majority of people get nervous and stress out when meeting new people. Relax, don't try too hard and remember that friendships take time to form.

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