What an Employer Has to Say About Modern Apprenticeships in Working

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Irene Kernan, Director at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, shares how taking on a modern apprentice has helped her organisation.

Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop is at an interesting stage in its development; working towards being a world class facility supporting artists in their careers and providing unique experiences for audiences. 

As we’re a small team, we’d felt that marketing was one area in which we were still slightly underdeveloped, so the opportunity to bring on an MA to support the development and implementation of our marketing strategy has been invaluable. 

Important tasks that were not being accomplished are now underway and we can finally see progress. This is in part because we have an additional person on the staff team, but also because of the excellence of the intern we were able to employ.


Albie not only brings a knowledge of digital media to the organisation but seemed to realise early on that staff need to be prepared to take on other tasks which may not immediately seem to relate to the job description. I can see that he listens all the time to try and learn as much as possible about the organisation and his friendly, approachable manner makes him an asset to the staff team.

We may have thrown him in at the deep end, as happens with all staff in small organisations, but we have a supportive staff team who are always happy to help and advise their colleagues, and Albie has fit right in!