Take The Money Test in Spending

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Are you a savvy saver?  Take our money test to find out! 


The Results 

Result A 

Don't worry - everyone has money problems now and again and Young Scot Extra is here to help. You may want to check out The Money Advice Service on how best to track your finances.  If you're worried that your finances or debt is spiraling out of control, call Young Scot LawLine free on 0808 801 0801 (open 24/7) and get help from a lawyer at JC Hughes. 

Result B 

You're a pretty savvy spender. To help your money grow why not open an online Young Scot Extra Savings Account with Scotwest Credit Union? Not only is the account an easy way to save but you can also earn Young Scot points for opening an account and for saving on a regular basis, regardless of the amount. 

Result C 

You're a super saver. Stick to your plan and you'll see the rewards.  Why not visit the My Money Advice Service's Wishfund savings app to help you keep up your 'save, spend and save again' habits.  This app has some pretty cool features to give you that extra motivation such as allowing you to upload an image of your savings goal.  It is free to download on Android and IOS.