Surviving Student Flatmates in Lifestyle

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Living in close quarters with new flatmates can lead to fall outs. Here's our 3 top tips to help keep the peace. 

Tip 1 

Don't let your place become a dump.  All agree when you first move in on what chores you need to do and take responsibility for keeping communal areas clean and tidy.

Tip 2 


Keep a spare loo roll in your room.  You never know when it will run out.  Plus you'll be everyones best mate if you share it around. 

 Tip 3

if you're annoyed that your flatmate has eaten your cheese, used all your shampoo or not returned your fave Xbox game - tell them.  It's better to be open and honest with them rather than letting the tension build up.  Avoid declaring a post - it war. Who knows what could happen to your cheese if you start leaving mean notes on the fridge door!