Renting a Pet-Friendly Property in Rights

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With the increase in young people being unable to get on the property ladder, more and are renting homes instead of buying them.

Our friends at Lettingweb have seen an increase in enquiries for renting properties that allow pets and have come up with top tips for tenants looking for a flat that can house a pet.

1. Be open with your landlord/letting agent


Communication is important, tell whoever you're renting from that you have or intend to get a pet. Keeping a pet without your landlord's permission can be considered a breach of your contract.

2. Keep it neat


Make sure that your pet doesn't create too much damage. For instance, trim your dog or cat's nails - your wooden or carpeted floors will thank you for it!

3. Compromise


If your landlord or agent has concerns, work around them and if they have any fears try to reassure them. Perhaps they'll be more willing to accept pets if you agree to keep certain rooms pet-free?

4. Create a pet CV


You can find some templates for a 'Pet CV' on the Dog's Trust website. It can be a great way of finding the right flat for you and your pet by introducing your pet to as many agents as possible.

You should mention:

  • Your pet's breed, size, age and whether or not it's neutered
  • A brief description of your pets' personality
  • How well trained your pet is (and whether they have attended any classes to help with this)
  • Whether your pet is quiet or not

5. Get a pet reference


Just like a pet CV, a pet reference can be a great way to show agents how tame and obedient your pet is and how responsible you are as an owner. Consider asking a previous landlord or your vet.

6. Take your pets out


It's essential for dogs and cats in small flats to get plenty of exercise. If your cats are allowed out, make sure they have 'outdoor' vaccinations.

For dogs, make sure you're able to walk it daily, or get a dog walker if you can't.

7. Check out Lets With Pets


The Dog Trust's Lets with Pets campaign is working to encourage landlords and agents to accept responsible pet owners. They even have a list of pet friendly letting agents, so you know the best people to go and see first.