Real Talk on Modern Apprenticeships from an MA Who's Been There in Working

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Young Scot MA Hanna, dishes the info on all you need to know about modern apprenticeships.

What is a Modern Apprenticeship?

A Modern Apprenticeship involves working while also completing an industry recognised qualification in relation to your role. Modern Apprenticeships are typically aimed at 16-24 year olds, however older applicants may still be able to apply. 

What does my Modern Apprenticeship involve?

I’m a Digital Media Apprentice at Young Scot, which involves a whole mix of tasks including digital design, filming, photography work, admin duties and web maintenance. I’m based in an outreach team, which means my job also involves helping out at events run by Young Scot. Find out more about my typical day.

How did I apply for my Modern Apprenticeship?

Before my modern apprenticeship I was working in a supermarket and decided I needed a change. I was looking into college courses that interested me and that’s when I came across apprenticeships; working whilst learning on the job really appealed to me. The application process was straight forward, I filled out an application form and a week later I had an interview. I received a call later on that day to come in for a second interview which was more of a casual chat and I got offered the job that day! I feel I was chosen because my passion really came out; I was able to show and explain why this position was right for me and how it would benefit me.

What have I learned from my Modern Apprenticeship?

I have learned so much since my apprenticeship started, and I feel like through gaining real life experience of working in the digital media field I’m prepared for a future within the industry in a way I may not have been though college or university alone. Through my Modern Apprenticeship I have gained an understanding of the dynamics of an office, as well as having hands-on digital media experience, which has allowed me to discover where my passion lies - in digital design. As well as this I have gained personal development skills and feel my confidence has grown. I have also gained practical experience of working effectively within a team and I have had the opportunity to develop problem solving skills in a real working environment.

I would recommend a Modern Apprenticeship because…                          

It is a wonderful opportunity for people who may not want to continue to further education, yet want hands on experience alongside a qualification. It is also useful to find out and get a taste of what the particular industry is like before diving into a university degree. 

More help and information...

If you think a Modern Apprenticeship could be the right choice for you, find out more information by speaking to your school careers advisor or guidance teacher.

My World of Work also has a whole section on Modern Apprenticeships where you can find out more about doing an apprenticeship and search for training providers.