How Can I Turn My Bedroom into an Office? in Working

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Studying or working at home? It's easy to get distracted by *insert procrastination* - follow My World of Work's guide to making your own DIY office. 


Tip 1 - Minimise distractions

If you're too tempted to upload snaps of your latest coffee cup on Instagram then hide your phone - You wouldn't be sitting on your phone in college or at work, would you?

Tip 2 - Get some light in 

You're not a vampire (or at least we hope you're not!) Place your desk next to a window - Looking outside can have a calming effect on you.  Just watch you don't get too distracted... what did you just say?

Tip 3 - Avoid post - it overload

It can be easy to go post - it crazy but this can be counter productive.  Why not download some project management apps such as Evernote or Slack?

Tip 4 - Get Creative

Use your space wisely.  If you are stuck for space get a pull out/down desk where you can hide your laptop when it's chill out time. 

Tip 5 - Keep it tidy

An untidy desk is an untidy mind.  Mess can make your work dis-organised and make you feel stressed. 

Tip 6 - Get Motivated 

Why not create a pin wall with some motivational quotes?

Looking for more handy top tops to get your career of the ground then explore the world of work.