The Diary of an Entrepreneur in Working

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Dreaming of starting your own business?  Young entrepreneur and Young Scot Award winner Cally Russell, CEO of Malzee recalls his early days of his personal shopping app business. 


7 am

Alarm goes off with the best intentions of going for a run - I end up answering emails and reading the news in bed on my iPad.

8 am 

Hop out of bed into the shower before getting dressed. Can't stay in the PJs, it never leads to a productive day. 

9.30 am

Refreshed, it's off to a quiet area of the house to avoid distractions.  With the TV switched off - It is time to get the day going.  Some music playing or Five Live helps stop the silence driving me a bit crazy. 

9.30 - 11.30 am

Businesses normally work 9am- 5pm with a lunch between 12pm and 2pm so this is the perfect time to make a few phone calls and respond to emails. 

11 am  

A quick tea break; it is important to get away from the desk every couple of hours

11.15 - 1 pm

Headphones in and it is down to business.  Listening to music helps me block out the fact that I'm at home allowing me to focus on the work needing done. 

1 - 4 pm

I find this the best time to arrange meetings and get out and about.

4.30 pm 

Heading back home for a quick bite to eat.  Checking my emails en route. 

5 - 6 pm

Food consumed and laptop close.  This is a great time to socialise with friends and family but tonight there is a networking event that is worth going to.  It is important to get out, make contacts and meet people.  You never know what may come out of it. 

10 pm

Just before bed can sometimes be the most productive part of the day and when most of my creative thinking is done.  But I always make sure to get to bed at a reasonable time so I can start the next day fresh.

Top tip 

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