A Day in the Life of a Modern Apprentice in Working

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Young Scot Digital Modern Apprentice, Hanna Sabic, gives us a peek into her typical day.

On an average day you can find me at my desk at 9am. I usually check my emails and have a quick catch-up with my line manager to talk about the latest updates or work that's coming up. 

Every day can be a bit different and I often find myself doing a mix of tasks; this could be going out to an event, admin work, editing, filming or photography work. 


Hanna speaking at a Young Scot Truth About Youth event

I usually take lunch around 12 and head to the staff room to socialise with colleagues. My lunch break gives me the chance to mix with staff who I don’t work alongside on a day-to-basis, which is great for building my confidence as well as making new friends.

During the rest of the day I can be found at the media PC on Adobe Photoshop or Premiere creating digital elements for the Truth About Youth project. This could be designing a banner, an infographic or creating graphic elements for the site.

I usually finish up at 5pm and head for the train home. Although, my hours are spread over 7 days, so there may be occasions where I work later or at the weekend if there is an event on. I don’t mind though, I always enjoy our events and I get the hours back another day – so it can be enjoyable to mix up the routine every now and then.

Every Wednesday is dedicated to my college course. Although, I still come into the office on the Wednesday, I am there to complete my college units rather than carry out my usual work. My workplace has been very supportive in allocating this time to me and have been happy to provide me with support and additional training.

I’ve been involved in a lot of great things this year, including the Glasgow Commonwealth Games, the Big Debate and 2050 Climate Summit. I've loved being a digital apprentice and as much as I will be sad to leave, I am excited to advance in my career.

My apprenticeship has definitely been a stepping stone for me and inspired me to pursue my dream job!