6 Reasons to Go to Your 9am Lecture in Learning

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Need a bit of motivation to crawl out of bed and get to that 9am lecture? Keep reading...

1. You'll have the whole day ahead of you


Dragging yourself out of bed at 7am to make it into uni for 9am isn't the best thing in the world. But walking out of a lecture at 10am when you're done for the day is such a great feeling.

If you've got an assignment to work on, you'll be able to get a seat in the library when it's quiet. If you don't, reward yourself by going for a coffee, heading to a museum or catching an early film. The possibilities are endless. But only if you get up.

2. It will stick in your brain

Not going to a class because "the lecture notes are online" is never a great idea. There's nothing quite like hearing something from a lecturer first-hand (and taking your own notes) to really help a topic stick in your brain. Once exam time rolls round, you might find that the bad joke a lecturer told about Henry VIII might help you remember vital information that could push up your grade.

3. Your lecturer will remember you


There might come a time during your studies when you need extra support from a lecturer. Being visible in lectures and tutorials shows that you're committed and will make it easier to approach your lecturer if you need any additional help. It will also come in handy if you're looking for a reference or job recommendation in the future.

4. Your attendance counts towards your grade

Okay, we're on to the scary stuff - universities record attendance, and many courses have a maximum number lectures you can miss. If you exceed the limit you can have your grades brought down or fail the module entirely. Even a long-lie isn't worth failing your studies over.

5. You'll get to know people better


A 9am lecture is never going to be as busy as one at midday. Take advantage of a smaller group of people as the perfect opportunity to speak to someone new. Plus, the more often you attend lectures the easier it will be to build up a friendship with classmates - and the thought of a friendly face you can grab a coffee with after the lecture makes the thought of going into uni first thing much more appealing.

6. It's not at 8am

The person driving your bus or making you that first cup of coffee probably started well before 9am. It could be worse.