5 Tips to Help You Get a Job in Working

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1) Get motivated

If your job search gets frustrating we are sometimes tempted to watch that extra episode of our favourite soap or go out with our mates instead of applying for another couple of jobs. Unfortunately this won’t help in the long run! 

What is our advice? – Get yourself motivated and take the hassle out job searching by using the My World of Work Job Search tool.  The My World of Work website can help you perfect your CV, give you that much needed time to brush up on your interview technique and help you find out what your perfect job is!

2) Realise how good you are!

Knowing what you are good at it is the key to success. Being able to spot your strengths and be confident in selling yourself will set you apart from the other candidates.

Take My World of Work’s My Strengths tool to help you realise where your strengths lie.  You can then promote these strengths when putting together your CV, covering letter, in application forms and they will also help you prepare for interviews

3) Be patient!

You’ve spent hours on job applications and think you are well suited to that job you have applied for. You may be eager to hear if you’ve got the job, but be patient, these things can take a little time whilst the employer goes through all the applications.

Good things come to those who wait.  We know when you are applying for a job it can be easy to forget everything else and become fixated about hearing back about jobs. Our advice – get a hobby, get fit or make time for your friends. It’s great you are taking it serious but don’t let the job hunt rule you!

4) Setbacks will happen...

 ‘Thank you for your recent application for the above position. I regret to advise you that after careful consideration your application has not been successful on this occasion.’ – Sound familiar?

Didn’t get the job? Don’t let this get you down; employers can receive hundreds of applications and maybe didn’t feel you were suited for the position this time. Stay positive and carry on. Ask for feedback and turn those weaknesses into strengths and start again. You will get the job with a little perseverance!  

5) Set yourself small goals

Being prepared always helps.  Set yourself small targets task yourself with applying for 5 jobs a week or pencil in 2 evenings a week to focus on job hunting.  And remember to reward yourself if you meet your targets.

A bit of what you fancy is good for you! If you like your sleep, have a long lie at the weekend, if you like a hot bath then have one.  Who says job hunting needs to be a chore!