5 Things All Freshers Know to be True in Learning

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Freshers' week is great fun, and a fab introduction into university life. We list some of the things you might experience during the week long festivities! 

1)  Flyers. Flyers everywhere


As you wander around the Freshers' stalls, you will have leaflets coming at you left, right and centre. Cue getting home and being buried under an avalanche of flyers covering everything from after-parties to paintballing.

2) You don't turn down a freebie


Freshers week is great for getting lots of random freebies – if you luck out you can get hoodies as well as free pizza! You’ll most likely end up with loads of pens, t-shirts, plastic cups and the odd shot glass though, which will always come in handy! 

3) Fancy dress beats regular clothes


There will be lots of people in fancy dress handing out flyers, trying to get you to join their society or come to their bar, as well as lots of themed nights in night clubs that might call for a swift trip to Primark to put together a makeshift costume.

4) Retailers want you


Not only can you still use your Young Scot card to get loads of fab discounts up until the age of 26, but you'll also be able be able to get a student discount in some places using your student card too. For example, Apple and Adobe offer students discounts on lots of their products which could help with your coursework.

5) The same old questions


Over the course of the first three or so weeks, you’ll be constantly asked the following three questions: What are you studying?; where you are from?; are you staying in halls? By the end of the first week you’ll wish you had a t-shirt displaying this info just to save time!

We hope you have a fab start to your uni and college experience!