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It's Time to Upgrade Your Young Scot Card

Aged 15-18? No Pink Strip on Your Card? Upgrade Now

Why Do I Need to Upgrade?

Before the end of December 2016, we're asking Young Scot cardholders aged 15-18 to update their Young Scot card so they can enjoy the benefits of getting money off travel in Scotland. The newest version of the Young Scot National Entitlement card has a pink strip under the date of birth on your card as shown in the image. If you don't have this on your card - even if you've used the travel discount up until now - you will require an update or you'll no longer be able to use your card for travel discounts.

Picture Perfect

Now is the perfect time to upgrade your photo as well. If you have outgrown that first year photo, you can update it along with your new card. You don't have to but it's really easy to do. Find out how below.

Money Off Your Travel

If you’re 16, 17 or 18 (or a full-time volunteer) you can get special deals on travel using your Young Scot card, including 1/3rd off bus journeys and up to 50% of train travel within Scotland. Some card holders also get ferry vouchers. From the 31st of December you will need an upgraded card to receive your discount.

Upgrade Now

Please tell us which region you live in, so we can give you right information about getting your card.