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Supporting the mental health and well-being of young people in their community

What are the criteria for getting involved?

-       Age – 16 - 24.

-       Location – Young people from the East End of Glasgow. However, other young people who are interested and meet the rest of the criteria but who live in wider Glasgow area are welcome to get involved.

-       Experience - Have personal experience of moderate to severe mental health issues.  We anticipate that those who will want to get involved are likely to be managing their condition to an extent that enables them to participate.

-       Employment - Are currently unemployed, in casual employment or under-employed

-       Passionate about helping young people with mental health issues to get into employment

What’s involved?

Commitment: take part in three co-design sessions in total, lasting 2-3 hours each.  Sessions will be held in Many Studios near The Barras. The sessions will run one per month over April, May and June.

The aim of the groups is to help gather information about what has helped and prevented the young people from getting into a job, training or volunteering.

At the sessions there will be a variety of group discussions and activities where all the young people will be able to share their thoughts about what has helped and hindered them in finding employment opportunities.  They will also get the chance to share their ideas about what they think would help young people like them when it comes to finding employment.  The sessions are designed to be fun and shouldn’t feel like hard work!

There will be group facilitators who will guide the discussions and activities and make sure that everyone is able to give their views and that these are recorded accurately.

What are the benefits of getting involved?

Whilst taking part in the sessions there will be Domino’s pizzas and snacks and also the chance to gain Young Scot points as well as £20 Love2Shop voucher per session!

By joining the team, young people will be able to design a programme of support for young people in their area who are just like them and could benefit from some help to get into employment in the future.

This is a fantastic opportunity for young people to have their voices heard and share their experiences of the types of support that have/would help them to move into/closer to employment. 

Can you support with travel?

Yes, all travel expenses will be covered. Young people will need to fill in a form and provide receipts for travel.

Still got a question?

Please e-mail if you want to get involved or have any questions about getting involved, we’d be very happy to chat with you.

You can also speak to the person who gave you this information and they will be able to help too.

What's the project?

Project Scotland, in partnership with Edinburgh Napier University, SAMH and Young Scot want to carry out research that will shape a programme of support that will meet the needs of young people who have experience of mental health issues, to become less excluded and move closer to employment.

We want to work with a group of young people to gain insights from their experiences of mental health and employment.  We hope to use the information they provide to develop a programme of support that will help other young people to get a job or access training and volunteering opportunities.

What is co-design?

The sessions will be structured based on Young Scot’s co-design process.

The sessions are made as fun as possible whilst still exploring important topics and issues. The sessions would be broadly themed along the following:

APRIL: EXPLORE discussing your views and use a variety of tools & activities to share experiences and opinions related to the barriers there currently are in place.

MAY: CREATE building upon some of the discussions from the previous session, coming up with a range of ideas that would help to overcome challenges identified. 

JUNE: REFLECT focussing down the ideas from the earlier session and developing these into specific proposals for a new service to improve employment opportunities available to people with mental health issues.

More information about Young Scot’s co-design work can be found at

Want to get involved?

Please e-mail if you want to get involved or have any questions about getting involved, we’d be very happy to chat with you.

You can also speak to the person who gave you this information and they will be able to help too.

The closing date for application is 18th April 2018.


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