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Edinburgh RSPB Phoenix Group

undefinedCost: £2

Age: 11-16

We are a mixed group and are really friendly, so come along and we will welcome you in.

We are the RSPB Phoenix group and we are a group of young people who love being in outside in nature.  We are passionate about ensuring that our wild birds and their habitats are protected.  We want that others enjoy the natural world as much as we do.

If you want to have fun outside, make new friends and explore the beautiful parts of Edinburgh, come along!

undefinedWe meet once a month in the Hermitage of Braid, Edinburgh, to explore and have fun in nature. We do loads of activities that help in the conservation of the natural world such as designing a wildlife garden, tree planting, pond building and more.  We learn a lot about birds, animals, plants and insects, but most of all, we have fun!

John, 14 from Edinburgh says, "It's better outdoors than indoors...with inside you're watching TV and things like that. With outside you're exploring, so you can do a lot more outdoors than indoors..I hope this project continues for other people because it's fantastic!”

If interested, send us an email using link below:


Hermitage House

69 Hermitage of Braid


EH10 6JF

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