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Angus Council welcomes you to its online community engagement hub which provides opportunities to get involved and input to projects and initiatives being progressed by the Council . Their vision is to make Angus a great place to live work and visit.


Here are some of their current projects that you can input into:

Amphibians and Drains - Toads, Frogs and Gully Pots Galore!

The Tayside Amphibian and Reptile group in conjunction with the Tayside Biodiversity Partnership are building up a picture of amphibian migration throughout Tayside – and they need your help!  

If you see any amphibian (Toads, frogs or Newts) or know of sites where they can be commonly seen, they want to know about it! Log your data online.

Having trouble identifying species? Check out this useful ID chart.

Where are our roadside wildflower hot spots?

How often have you seen the colourful springtime spectacle of bluebells, primroses or wild garlic alongside the road?  

As well as providing wildlife refuges, verges act as ‘wildlife corridors’ forming an intricate habitat network, often linking larger areas of conservation value and enabling less mobile species to move about safely.

Help to conserve these habitats and tell us about your favourite roadside verges, ones that brighten your day or ones that you think need protecting. Log your comments online.

The information gathered in both consultations will be used by the Tayside Biodiversity Partnership to map the best wildflower verges and inform amphibian conservation efforts throughout Tayside.

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