World Wildlife Day

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It's UN World Wildlife Day and this year’s theme is Listen to the Young Voices. Izzy, Katie and Ryan from ReRoute, Scotland’s Youth Biodiversity Panel, tell us why young voices matter for Scotland’s wildlife.

Scottish wildlife is something to be proud of! It is important for many reasons – we have rare species and habitats, it is beautiful and unique, it provides us with lots of products and commodities, and also attracts tourists which contributes towards our economy.

Young voices are important for wildlife because it is so important that they also have a role in protecting and valuing it now and for the rest of their life. Empowering people early on to care for the environment gives them the confidence to appreciate, manage, conserve and protect it.

In the future, we hope for Scotland to become more biologically diverse with communities of people that respect and are engaged in the surrounding wildlife. We hope more people understand how everything is connected and why it is important to conserve wildlife. If we are proud of our wildlife we can take action to protect it.

Some of our favourite Scottish wildlife are the Scottish Wildcats, Pine Martens, Otters and Water Voles!


Fun facts!

Otters hold hands when sleeping so they don’t drift away from each other

Pine Martens can travel up to 20km a day

Pine Martens poo can be blue in summer because of the amount of bilberries they eat

Water voles are very rare but in east Glasgow, lots have been discovered living in urban grassland.

Water voles eat 80% of their body weight every day

Scottish Wildcats or the ‘Tiger of the Highlands’ is one of Scotland’s most endangered mammals.

Wildcats are a very charismatic species, and they are very elusive which makes the thought of seeing one even more exciting! They are also a species which needs our help as there are not many left.

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