MA BLOG: Meet Stewart in Learning

Ever wondered what it is like being a Digital Creative MA? Or not sure exactly what it involves? Some of this year’s Modern Apprentices lift the lid on work and activities that they have been involved in.

My name is Stewart, i'm 20 and I am the Digital Creative Modern Apprentice for the Shetland Islands Council's Youth Service.

I have been a part of the Youth Service team in Shetland since October 2017 after I found the post advertised on the Youth Services Facebook page, straight away I knew it was something I wanted to do. When I was younger I was involved in a number of different youth projects including the Young Scot Youth Legacy Ambassadors, through this I had the opportunity to travel to Australia and meet the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games organisers to share our legacy from Glasgow 2014. During my work in these projects I was given a number of amazing opportunities from getting to volunteer for Young Scot at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow to being asked to go on the 33sixty Leadership course lead by Common Purpose. After being given all of these amazing opportunities I wanted to be a part of the team who helped young people get these chances and wanted to give back to this cause.


The post appealed to me further as I have always liked the idea of learning as you work instead of more classroom / lecture based college or Uni courses. Being able to work on a team with experts in their fields is a really great way to learn and I feel this is something that people leaving some uni courses are really missing out on.

At the start of every month I fly down to Edinburgh from Shetland to go to Young Scot for two days where I am given the opportunity to speak to my college lecturer and take part in sessions with the other Digital Apprentices who work through Young Scot. Again for me this is a great way to learn from other people, be it the other MA's or the employees at Young Scot.

A aspect of my job that I really enjoy is how every day I come into work I a face a different challenge, no day is the same as the last. Having these new challenges means that I have to find new solutions to ensure everything stays running smoothly with the projects that I am working on which is something I really enjoy.

If I had to give advice to anyone considering a Modern Apprenticeship it would simply be to go for it. I feel that after school there are some young people who might feel pressured to go to uni as it has become a "normal" thing to do after leaving school but sometimes it is better to reflect and consider your options before making any moves. I know for certain that going for a Modern Apprenticeship is something that will leave you with no regrets and as I have mentioned previously will leave you with a healthy knowledge of your chosen post and the work experience to go with it!