MA BLOG: Meet Dario in Learning

Ever wondered what it is like being a Digital Creative MA? Or not sure exactly what it involves? Some of this year’s Modern Apprentices lift the lid on work and activities that they have been involved in.

My name is Dario; I am a 19-year-old Modern Apprentice from Edinburgh.

I work here at Young Scot, alongside the ‘Content’ team for half the week and the ‘Rewards & Discounts’ team for the second half.

Being a Modern apprentice really stood out to me as I was able to undertake the same qualification as I would have in college, but this way I am able to learn and get paid in a professional environment. My role between the two directorates is very similar. In the ‘Rewards & Discount’ team my role involves writing/ creating Rewards activities and opportunities for the Rewards platforms. Whereas my role within the ‘Content’ team involves: writing for social media; writing for the website, such as: writing informative articles and guides for Young people.


As part of my job, I have undertaken new tasks, like Video editing, filming and writing proposals. This has allowed me to learn new skills and figure out which path of the creative industries I want to go down.

As part of the course, on Wednesdays all the Modern apprentices come together to complete college work and learn soft skills, such as: self-employment skills, leadership and entrepreneurship skills, financial capability and cyber resilience.

I have been part of Young Scot for 11 months’ now and within the next few weeks my Modern apprenticeship will be coming to a close. Afterwards I hope to go to University to study TV and Film production so that I can ultimate secure myself a job in the future.