MA BLOG: Meet Euan

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Ever wondered what it is like being a Digital Creative MA? Or not sure exactly what it involves? Some of this year’s Modern Apprentices lift the lid on work and activities that they have been involved in.

My name is Euan, I am 19 years old and I come from Edinburgh.

I work in the Scottish Government’s Digital Directorate, in the content team for

I have been working in the content team for 6 months. My role in the content team involves writing many different types of articles and guides on things like services in Scotland, how to get help with certain things and how to apply for certain documents. I also do website maintenance which involves deleting old articles that are no longer needed or that are explained better elsewhere, merging different articles if they explain similar things and updating the Information Architecture (the categories that the articles are sorted into) to match what we currently have on the website.


Another part of my job is analytics.

I use analytics to help see what people are searching for, what pages are being viewed the most/least and what paths the users are taking through the different pieces of content. I feel like the hardest part of my job is talking to business partners and trying to find a middle ground between what they want to write and what fits the style that we write in for the website.

In this role I hope to:

  • Learn how to write for online publications, as most of my team have backgrounds in journalism I feel I can learn a lot from them in this area.
  • Gain better communication skills and as I have to communicate with a lot of different people in this job I feel that I can achieve this easily.
  • Gain better skills in filming and editing and I feel that I can achieve this with the training that I get at Young Scot.
  • Learn all around creative digital skills so that I can be prepared and confident in most digital roles which hopefully I can get with the training that Young Scot will provide on the programme.
"I decided that university wasn’t really for me and I would prefer learning on the job (while making some money)."

I chose to do this MA after spending a year at University studying computer security and forensics. I decided that university wasn’t really for me and I would prefer learning on the job (while making some money).

When I was looking for something to do after leaving university I came across the digital creative MA, I had already applied for a business admin MA but I thought that this MA looked more interesting and challenging as it involved filming, writing and other areas I was interested in.

So in the end it was an easy choice between the two.