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When you take up a volunteering opportunity with Engage Renfrewshire you can now get Reward points on your NEC!

Engage Renfrewshire are there to encourage and support community action, volunteering and social enterprise in Renfrewshire.  They have a strong relationship with hundreds of different types of organisations and groups across Renfrewshire who are looking for volunteers. 

If you choose to volunteer through Engage they will offer complete support all the way including helping you realise your skills, matching you to a suitable volunteering opportunity and acting as a point of support throughout your volunteering career.

Although they work with people of all ages, if you are a young volunteer and have your Renfrewshire Young Scot National Entitlement Card (NEC) you can get Reward points on it for the hours you do as part of the Give to Get scheme.  Engage will also help you achieve the nationally recognised Saltire Award.

Find out more about the Saltire Award here.

Check out this video on volunteering:

Remember Engage work with so many different types of organisations so the volunteering opportunities are pretty diverse.  Whatever you are interested in there's bound to be the perfect one for you.

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