What is Paisley 2021? in Paisley 2021

A short introductory article on Paisleys 2021 City of Culture bid. Please read to find out more.  

What is Paisley 2021?


Paisley 2021 is a bid for City of Culture, awarded by the Department for Culture Media and Sport, the idea comes from the social and economic success Liverpool gained when they were awarded Europe's Capital of Culture, which showed significant benefits for the city. The City of Culture award is given every 4 years and it helps to drive growth and enrich the city and to improve those living in and around the awarded City.


What does the City of Culture bid mean for Paisley?

Following the success from Hull within the first year of being awarded UK's City of Culture the chance for this to be awarded to Paisley is a massive deal! The city of Culture bid will bring around 1 million visitors to the Renfrewshire area, and there is an estimated economic impact of 50 million to the Paisley, Renfrewshire area. This can and will help transform Paisley's image nationally and internationally and will help bring a new sense of pride within Paisley.

What does the Paisley 2021 bid mean for young people?

If successful the Paisley 2021 bid can open up a lot of job opportunities for young folk, with the turnover of visitors estimated to Paisley/Renfrewshire after the bid, opens up a demand for hotels, bars, and restaurants, which opens up lots of job opportunities in the area. The 2021 bid gives endless volunteering opportunities for young and older people alike, with the opportunities and chances given to City of Culture winners previously makes way for lots of possible live events which creates lots of volunteering opportunities which looks great on CV and creates lots more opportunities for young folk.


What does the 2021 bid mean for me, when I do not live in Paisley?

The 2021 bid affects everyone living in surrounding areas, not just people living in Paisley, with the attraction of visitors to Paisley and surrounding areas estimated at the £1 million mark the opportunities are endless. Hotels, new businesses etc can open up in your local area due to the flow of tourism to Paisley which opens up a lot more opportunities for those in the whole of Renfrewshire area, as well as opening up a lot more cultural events and days including major events,  meaning far  more things to do for people who are not necessarily from Paisley.



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