So what is Sma' Shot Day? in Paisley 2021

Sma' Shot Day is perhaps one of the biggest celebrations in Paisley, but do you know how the day came about? Read here to find out more!

A massive day in Paisley celebrated on the first Saturday in July by thousands, but what is the Sma shot day and why is it such a big ordeal?


Sma' Shot Day celebrates the victory of the Weavers over their employers. Back in the 19th century Paisley was one of the main hubs textile production in the British Empire. You know the famous Paisley Shawls?? Yeah that's the one! Sma' shot was the special binding thread that held these shawls together, but as you couldn't see the thread manufacturers refused to pay for it even though this thread was the only thread that would hold the shawls together, so the weavers had no other option than to pay for the thread themselves. After years of battling with their employers the weavers decided to protest.The Charleston drum which is a massive big drum was used to call weavers in times of panic and desperation and on this particular day it was used to call all the weavers to join in protest after a long protest the manufactueres finally gave in and paid the weavers for their thread the weavers won!


Now in the popular Sma Shot day the parade follows a replica of the big Charleston drum but instead of calling out to the weavers like it did many years ago it calls out all the Paisley buddies to join in on the parade. The parade starts from Brodie Park in Paisley all the way up to the  Abbey Close, the whole parade is followed by a massive effigy, which resembles one of the manufacturers is burned later on.

This fun filled day is great for the family and is also a crucial part of Paisleys history, this year Sma shot day falls on Saturday the 1st July 2017. Please come and join us for this spectacular event.