Paisleys Dark Hogmanay in Paisley 2021

Paisley Glen Cinema was opened in 1901, it stood next to the Cenotaph in the centre of Paisley at Paisley Cross the entrance to the cinema was where Burtons currently is.


In 1929 on the afternoon of New Years Eve the Glen Cinema was host to a childrens Matinee. (show of childrens films) as the film was put into the canister is started smoking. The fim used at the time could burn without a supply of oxygen to it. When the assistant in the cinema tried to smother it, it made things worse and smoke started billowing into the main hall where around 1000 children ages 18months to 12 years old were sitting.


The children reacted like any child would and ran for the exit as soon as they saw the smoke, however when the children stampeded to the exit they realised that the door was padlocked shut aswell as the exit doors being designed to open inwards and not outwards, sadly with so many children all running at the same time and hitting the door. They all piled up on top of each other crushing each other, dead ontop of dying and dying ontop of dead and by the time rescue services got into the cinema already 150 children were dead or injured. The extent of this disaster was so horrific that it is marked as the worst human disaster in British History.

The news of this disaster spread worldwide, messages and telegrams came in from all around the world to Paisley of women offering their own children whom they couldn’t keep to the families who lost their children.

On January 3rd the funeral for all 71 children was held, they men of Paisley dug a mass grave for all the children, who are buried in Hawkhead Cemetery, at the bottom of the hill on the left hand side of the graveyard, there is a monument that stands to commemorate the lives lost.