Paisley Xenomorph in Paisley 2021

Paisley Abbey from the South East side
Paisley Abbey is one of the most famous Paisley landmarks. With dates pre-exisiting to before the 1100’s. It’s not surprising that it’s has a held a lot of historical events. Most commonly, Majorie Bruce was outheavily pregnant riding on her horse when she fell, she was then taken to Paisley Abbey to deliver the baby. Consequently she passed away but the baby survived. The Abbey is also the burial place of all 6 of the high stewards of Scotland. It is also believed that Marjorie was also buried on the sight
One of the features of the Abbey is the medieval gargoyles on the top of the abbey. That have been there since the Abbey was built...until the 90s where they hired an Edinburgh based stonemason company to work on the abbey. The original gargoyles where beyond the state of repair and were replaced however keeping to the medieval tradition the gargoyles are all different and no two gargoyles on the abbey are the same. 
However one of the gargoyles caused quite a stir a few years ago when more and more people started noticing one of the gargoyles on the Abbey looks remarkably like a Xenomorph from the popular franchise Alien, most people believed that Director Ridley Scott had taken the idea for the Xneomorph from the Paisley Abbey gargoyle, but as it stands it was a man called Hans Ruedi Giger who created the idea for the aliens in the film, but most importantly took inspiration from writer H.P Lovecraft for the Xenomorph, and as the gargoyles were replaced in 1991, when Alien first hit the screens in 1979 it's safe to say that they in fact did not copy the Paisley Abbey. However we still think it is really cool.  Take a look at the picture and see what you think!!