Paisley Heritage App in Paisley 2021


Just taking a walk around Paisley Town Centre, you can see various buildings of importance and various buildings that show off Paisleys Rich history. If things like this interest you then this app is for you!!


In partnership with BAFTA Nominated Cairn Production, Aerial Digital have released an app, that does just that. The app itself is a walking tour app that at the same time engages you with voice recordings about each landmark you can come to. This interactive platform came from a requirements given by Renfrewshire Council to Ariel Digital and now they have successfully completed this heritage trail app and it's certainly a cool looking app!


The thing that makes this app so different is the fact it has taken almost a documentary radio approach to it by combining local knowledge with local experts and compiling this into voice interviews for an effective friendly audio app, alongside the audio, the app offers slide through images of each landmark. What a perfect app for such a historic place!


The app is available on The App Store and Google Play store by searching ‘’Look up Paisley’’ by Aerial Digital