Caroline Gormley- Insights in Paisley 2021

You may know her from the murals she has painted around Paisley, or through some of her beautiful artwork on social media, however you may not know that Caroline Gormley has more of a story than just that, a story about her late father Thomas Bart Gormley, as featured on Paisleys 2021 Youtube channel



The story starts with her father Thomas Bart Gormley, who was head Chef has ‘The Silver Thread’ located on Blackhall Street, which is just a short distance from Anchor Mill Morrisons. However nowadays it lies derelict.


 The Silver Thread became one of the main venues in the Punk scene as Glasgow had banned Punk concerts after a riot which had taken place at The Stranglers concert in June of 1997. As much as there was not an official ban, most venues in Glasgow were too scared to host punk shows just in case the lost their licence , this is where Renfrewshire came into play, with venues such as The Bungalow hosting punk shows, but more specifically Silverthread hotel, with famous names in Punk hosting gigs, such as Buzzcocks, The Rezillos, Elvis Costello and Generation X.



This is where Caroline father Tommy comes into play, as he was head chef in the hotel, he must have noticed that some of the audience to these gigs could not afford to pay entry into the gig and let them in the backdoor for free. This would have beneficial to a lot of young punks back during this time period. Therefor without realising I think it’s safe to say Thomas Bart Gormley played a massive part within Glasgows Punk scene.In the article featured on the 2021 website Caroline also states she learned this info from a taxi driver who knew her father.

Wether it be past or present, Paisley has always had a big influence in music culture which is vitally important to remember in the bid for City of Culture 2021

Caroline Gormley and Fiance Sandy Guy are a pair of artists who have painted beautiful murals seen in Paisley, such as Storrie Street and the mural Painted in Paisley Gilmour Street and both happen to be behind a visual arts program called IN PUBLIC this aims to create produce a high-quality, accessible, visual Arts Program in the city-centre, and hope to provide encouragement and coaching to the many people who, normally won't have the opportunity, choice, or chance to study or further develop their talent. This provides amazing opportunities for those throughout Glasgow and surrounding areas to work on their talents, however sadly INPUBLIC closes it's doors on December 17th within that location. However INPUBLIC will remain a program when a new premises is found 

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