PRIDE MONTH in Articles

Its International LGBT Pride Month this month and scroll down to read about events happening in Scotland

Celebrating Pride in the UK



Seeings as its international Pride Month 2017. The month that celebrates all things Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Trans!

Over the next few months there is going to be even more pride events going around the UK than ever before, so to see events close to you this summer celebrating Pride, check out the UK PRIDE Organisers Network website for an interactive map on Pride events around the UK.


Here’s a list of whats going on in Scotland

Edinburgh Pride- Massive event taking place in Edinburgh, celebrating 22 years since Pride started in Scotland

Glasgow Pride- Glasgow Pride is Scotlands largest Pride celebration, held in Glasgow Green and attracts thousands from all across Scotland. The main festival is held across a weekend with various pride events around the town centre after the festival and days surrounding. 


Alloa Pride- around 200 march for pride in this town, celebrating pride.

Fife Pride- a smaller celebration attracting 200 people, a large amount for such a parade