Erskine Youth Council are looking for new members! in Articles

Live in or near Erskine and want to help make things better for other young people in the area and help organise events?  Read on...

Erskine Youth Council (EYC) is a community group for young people aged between 13 and 25 and it aims to help young people from Erskine’s voice be heard. The group would like to raise its profile in the area to let locals know about what they do and that they are welcome to get involved.

The group formed in 2005 and is supported by Renfrewshire Council’s Youth Services. The group aims to organise events and activities for young people, raise money and gain funding for youth projects, act as a voice for local young people in the community. They also link to many of the wider groups supported by Youth Services Renfrewshire-wide.

EYC successfully secured a Local Area Grant to help fund monthly youth events in Erskine which will be organized and run by and for young people. Young people can choose the theme for each event and have a role to play in organising or delivering activities. The events are a chance for young people to meet in a safe place, to have fun activities, but there could also be some workshops to pick up a skill or learn something new.

EYC now want their numbers to increase so they can work on larger projects, organise events, and let young people have a larger role in their local area and help make it a better place.


Renfrewshire Council’s Convener of Education and Children’s Services Policy Board, Councillor Jim Paterson said:

“Erskine Youth Council are demonstrating that young people can take the lead in their community to create positive youth opportunities in their neighbourhoods. Not only will they learn new skills around planning and organising but they make it relevant and fun which will attract others to get involved. It’s great that Youth Services can provide training and support for youth voice groups like EYC so that they can gain the confidence and experience to organise campaigns and social action to improve their community for young people.”


Rebecca Johnstone, Chair of EYC said: “EYC have attended local meetings where concerns have been shared about the number of complaints being received from the police and council about some young people causing anti-social behaviour issues, As a result of this some young people feel that all young people are being seen as the same. Erskine Youth Council have decided to be proactive about this and one of their ways of trying to support the local community is to provide fun drop in sessions and monthly youth events. It is hoped that by providing fun, meaningful alternatives for young people to take part in, young people in the community will have the chance to let their voice be heard.”


EYC would like to produce a social media and action campaign to encourage young people to volunteer and to help make Erskine a better place for children and young people to grow up in. Think you could be a part of the group?  Get in touch.  There will be an open night on 21st August at Bargarran Community Centre, 6.30-8pm.


The group meets every Monday Night at Bargarran Community Centre in the Youth Space. Should you want to know more please feel free to contact them or find them on Facebook.