We Spoke To Alex, The Winner of The Wisher App Competition! in Working

Young Scot Rewards teamed up with Wisher to give someone the chance to make their dreams come true! Alex Robb was our lucky winner, who is jetting off to San Francisco to attend a conference with some of the biggest names in the tech industry! 

He told us about his aspiration to become a developer, and spoke about how the event would be a great opportunity to learn from and meet others with the same interests.


Alex, 16,  has used Young Scot Rewards for a few years now and already had some fantastic experiences, including visiting the Scottish Parliament to see First Minister's Questions! We spoke to him about his upcoming trip and where his interest in developing came from:

How did your interest in developing/computer science begin? 

Quite a hard question to answer, I guess it really started when I was around 13 and devices such as the iPod/iPhone started getting very popular, when using my iPod touch (which seems so old now but was fascinating back then) or going on a website and thinking "How does that work?" or "How did they do that?" was something that really got me into technology. Also, being taught computing at school really sparked my interest, as soon I learned about something I wanted to keep learning more!

How did you feel when you found out you were going to San Francisco?

Simply ecstatic, getting the amazing opportunity to travel over to San Francisco for such a large computing event was just phenomenal, especially since I got the news a few days before Christmas

What are you most looking forward to during your trip?

Definitely the conference itself, listening to the excellent speakers and just generally meeting other developers from all around the world! Although actually going to the amazing city of San Francisco and experiencing the city wide events being hosted along with Developer Week 2016 comes a very close second.

What speaker are you most looking forward to seeing?

A very hard choice considering all the fantastically talented people speaking but I'd have to go with Michael Ludden who works at IBM Watson, I'm really looking forward to seeing him and learning more about the field of cognitive computing. 

We know you have an interest in aviation, tell us a bit about that... 

I really enjoy aviation as well as flying and along with developing another ambition of mine would be to become a commercial airline pilot! I've always enjoyed travelling and much to the astonishment of my family my favourite bit of a holiday is usually the journey there!

We hope Alex has a great time at the conference, and can't wait to find out how he got on!

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