11 Top Tips for Becoming a Modern Apprentice in Working

So you’re interested in becoming a Modern Apprentice? That’s great! Jake, a Modern Apprentice here at Young Scot, has put together his 11 top tips on how to land your apprenticeship. 

1. Make sure you meet the requirements

Different companies will have different requirements, so make sure you have the necessary qualifications before applying!


2. Research the role before you apply for it

This is not only to ensure that it’s the best role for you, but to ensure that you add the right things to your application.

3. Make sure you include relevant skills and experience in your application

Sell yourself as the person they are looking for.


4. Proofread

Be sure to proofread your application to make sure everything you’ve written is correct and that your spelling and punctuation is up-to-scratch. A good idea would be to get someone else to read it for you, such as a friend or family member. They might spot a mistake you haven’t picked up on.

5. The world is your oyster!

You can apply for multiple apprenticeships, there are lots of opportunities out there! If you apply to more than one company then your chance of being successful will increase.


So, you’ve gotten to the next stage: the big interview! Here are a few tips to get you through one of the most important parts of the employment process.

1. Prepare

Research the role of a Modern Apprentice and gather any information on the position you are being interviewed for. It's a good idea to save the original job description so you can refer back to it.

2. Research

Research the organisation you're interviewing with. Make sure you have a good idea of what the organisation does and try and find an area of their work that is related to what you want to do.

3. Practice

If you’re nervous about what you are going to say then practice makes perfect! Whether it’s in front of a family member, a friend or even yourself in the mirror, knowing what you’re going to say can take the edge off of things.


4. Chill Out

During the interview, try to relax. Make sure you speak clearly and at a steady pace. You want the interviewers to hear exactly what you have to say and nobody is going to rush you if you want to take it slow.

5. Sell yourself

There’s no better time to flaunt your stuff than now. Concentrate on the skills and experience you’ve gained from education or work experience. The employer will want to hear things that make you stand out from the rest.


6. Ask questions!

This can be one of the most vital parts of your interview, as you can go from being the interviewee to the interviewer. Use this time to quiz the employer about the job and the organisation. This will help to show that you are genuinely interested in both the job and the company. 

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