Veggie YouTube Recipes in Lifestyle

Looking for some new veggies dishes? Check out our pick of the best.

Chilli Con Veggie

Just because you're going veggie doesn’t mean you have to miss out on your favourite meals! It’s all about substitution – and you might even find you prefer the flavours of this meat free version.

Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers

A great starter or snack, these tasty stuffed peppers will leave you feeling full!

Vegetable Curry

We all love a takeaway every so often – but why not try out a homemade, vegetarian version of your favourite curry? It could end up being your go-to dish!

Vegetarian Bean Burgers

Skip the McDonalds and try your hand at making your own burgers (meat free of course!)

Easy Vegetable Soup

Great to bring along for lunch, this video shows you three different ways to spruce up sweet potato and squash soup!

Make sure to check out how to stay healthy and get all of the nutrients your body needs, if you're going veggie for the week or even longer.

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