Rail Safety Quiz in Lifestyle

Do you know how important it is to stay safe around train tracks? Take our quiz to make sure you're clued up on rail safety.

1) How many people have been electrocuted on the railways in the last 10 years?

 a) 0-10

b) 11-30

c) 31-60

d) Over 60

A: d - The correct answer is over 60. Approximately 69 people have been electrocuted on the railways in the last 10 years alone. The third rail carries around 25000 volts of electricity through it, about 100 times greater than the power supply in your home.

2) Rubber-soled shoes will offer you protection from the electricity on the railway line, true or false?

a) True

b) False

A: b - The correct answer is false. Rubber-soled shoes won't protect you from the high levels of electricity on the rail line. The only way to protect yourself is to stay off the railways. The electricity on the line is so powerful that it can jump, even if you aren’t walking on it.

3) The third rail and overhead lines have electricity flowing through them at all times, true or false?

a) True

b) False

A: a - The correct answer is true. The electricity is so strong that if touched it will seriously injure or kill. The electricity flows through at all times and is never switched off. The electricity can arc like lightning up to 3 metres.

4) How many people were killed trespassing on the railway in 2011 alone?

a) 0-20

b) 21-30

c) 31-49

d) 50

A: d - The correct answer is 50. Sadly, 50 people were killed on the railways through trespassing in 2011. There were also 445 recorded near misses between trespassers and trains. 

5) What prison sentence can be issued for graffiti?

a) None

b)Up to one year

c) Up to five years

d) Up to ten years

A: d - The correct answer is up to ten years. Graffiti is criminal damage and carries a sentence of up to ten years in prison. Graffiti will also give you a criminal record. Trespassing alone can carry a fine of up to £1000.

6) At a level crossing, if the red lights are still flashing after a train has passed, will another train come?

a) Yes

b) No 

A: a - The correct answer is yes. If the red lights at a level crossing are still flashing after a train has passed then another train is coming. It is only safe to cross a level crossing when the lights have stopped flashing completely. Sometimes several trains will pass before it is safe to cross. Wait for the lights to go off!

7) The average inner-city train has a stopping distance equal to…?

a) Two Olympic swimming pools

b) Edinburgh Airport runway

c) 20 Premier League football pitches

d) A ten storey building

A: c - The correct answer is 20 Premier League football pitches. A train weighs 400 tonnes on average – equivalent to about 80 elephants. After applying the brakes, it takes about 2000 metres for the train to come to a complete stop – around 20 Premier League football pitches. 

7) On an average day, how many passengers travel by train in the UK?

a) 5000

b) 100000

c) 3 million

d) 4.3 million

A: c - The correct answer is 3 million. The UK has one of the busiest rail networks in the entire world. Every day there are around 3 million passenger journeys taken on the country’s rail network.

So how did you do? Remember, it's super important to stay safe around railways and to never play on the trail tracks.

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