Public Wi-Fi: the do’s and don'ts in Lifestyle

Are you someone who loves saving money on data by snagging yourself some free wifi? Whether it’s on the train, the bus, or McDonalds, you need to make sure you stay safe.

Public Wi-Fi is super easy to hack into – and people can do it in sneaky ways. Some people set up Wi-Fi networks with similar names to the one you want to use. For example, someone might make a network named after the bus company you are using. You automatically select this network, thinking it’s the real thing, but someone is using it to try and get personal data.


We’ve got some tips on what to do if you do use public wifi, and how to avoid doing anything that could put you are risk.

Don’t – log into stuff

Some people can use public wifi to follow the keystrokes on your device, and can see what your usernames and passwords are. This is especially dangerous if you’re using internet banking! Or, even less sneakily, someone can simply look over your shoulder and see what you’re typing in!

Do – stick to the secure

If you’re already logged into your social networks/bank accounts on your apps, these should be safe to use. But to be on the safe side, if you are logging into stuff, set up two factor authentication. This means that every time you want to log in, the site sends you a code to your phone that you must also enter on top of your password.

Don’t – shop

Someone can easily make a wifi network that is false and watch all the card details you’re putting into the website you’re buying stuff from. Once they’ve got all your details they can then go on a shopping spree!

Do – wait until you’re home

As much as it’s tempting to try and buy those trainers as soon as possible, it’s much better to wait until you are back using your own secure network at home, or buying them in store. Patience can be a good thing!