Top Tips on Keeping Safe This Xmas in Lifestyle

The festive season is full of fun - but it's important to keep yourself safe too. Why not read some of our tips to protect yourself, your stuff and your surroundings?

Buying Pressies


Keep savvy

If a deal looks too good to be true, it might just be. When paying for things make sure there is a padlock on the address bar, this shows it’s a secure connection.

Keep your identity safe

Read our top tips on how to avoid somebody else using your name to use your money.

Keep your stuff secure

Keep your bag closed and make sure your wallet and purse isn’t easily grabbed.

Keep your presents tight

Make sure you don’t leave your shopping bags out your sight.  And don’t leave gifts in the car for all to see!

Going Out Partying


Look after your stuff

Thieves can take the opportunity to grab your belongings if you aren’t looking

Look after your mates

Make sure everybody gets home safely – figure out how you are all getting home before you go out.

Look after yourself

Don’t walk home alone, and remember, alcohol impairs your judgement and can leave you vulnerable.

Look after your cash

Always make sure you have enough to get home  

Keeping Property Secure


Protect your stuff

Theives will know you probably have more valuable things in your home this time of year – make sure windows and doors are locked and secure

Protect parties

It can be easy for a thief to slip in to parties – make sure you don’t let anyone that hasn’t been introduced by someone you know.

Protect while you’re away

Use timers on lights, cancel deliveries and ask your neighbours to keep an eye on the place. And don’t advertise on social media that you have an empty house!

Protect from fire

Unplug your TV, computer, microwave, toaster and other appliances around the house. A fault could develop at any time so they are better switched off and unplugged

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