Don't Let The Rain Ruin Your Summer in Lifestyle

If the weather is behaving in its usual Scottish self and it’s chucking it down, it doesn’t have to ruin your day! We’ve got a bunch of ideas for things you can do when the weather isn’t so great.

 Go to the cinema


Grab your Young Scot card, some popcorn and go see a film!

There are loads of great films out this year – some of the ones we've been looking forward to at Young Scot HQ are Jurassic World, Minions and Inside Out, which are all out over summertime!

So make use of your cinema discount with Young Scot and see this years biggest blockbusters!

Build a fort


Grab cushions, sheets and blankets, and build a comfy fort indoors. Build it high enough so you can bring your laptop in to watch movies.

It’s definitely a cosy way to forget about the horrible weather outside!

Mosey round a museum


Not only do you get out the house, it’s indoors, plus you can learn a thing or two!

Why not take a trip to the Glasgow Science Centre where you can go inside a planetarium, or go see an IMAX film on the (very) big screen?

Or take off with two for one admission to the National Museum of Flight with your Young Scot card!


What better way to warm up than to get your body moving?

We have a bunch of ten minute workouts that will work up a sweat, boost your mood and make you forget all about the rain outside.

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