7 Ways You Can Use Your Young Scot Card in Lifestyle

There are so many uses for the Young Scot card, both in and out of school, so here's how to make the most of having one.

1. Proof of Age


Bus driver doesn't believe you still pay a child fare? There's a Young Scot card for that! You can also use your card to prove your age in shops and if you're over 18, some pubs and other establishments that accept PASS hologram cards.

2. Discounts


Money off clothes, food and so much more! Get 10% off at The Co-Operative Food on your next night in with pals, or head out and get up to 20% off at Pizza Hut, to name just a few of our fab discounts!

3. Rewards


You might not be collecting points towards winning the Hogwarts house cup, but you can gain points and redeem them against lots of cool opportunities for completing activities on Young Scot Rewards - it's totally free and it just takes 30 seconds to sign up!

4. Travel


If you're aged 16, 17 or 18 you can get a third off of single and most return train fares as well as half off of weekly or monthly season tickets. Plus, on the bus you can also enjoy a third off of your single fares. Perfect if you pay for the bus to school! Find out more about travel discounts with your Young Scot card.

5. Leisure


In some parts of Scotland you can even use your Young Scot card to access the gym and swimming pool as well as get money off classes. You can check with your local Young Scot if you can use your card at leisure centres in your area.

6. Library Card


Similarly to leisure centres, in some areas your Young Scot card also doubles up as a library card. Handy if you need to do some research for a school essay or want to use one of the computers. Again, check with your local Young Scot office for whether this is available in your area.

7. Cashless Catering


If you get free school meals, money will be automatically added to your card every day that you can spend in the school canteen. Alternatively you can put your own coins onto your card using the machines at your school. Find out more about how cashless catering works in your area by contacting your local Young Scot office.

Not got a card? Apply for your first Young Scot National Entitlement Card, get a replacement if you've lost or broken yours or find out how to get that photo changed on our 'Get Your Card' page.