5 Ways You Can Help Someone Out This Winter in Lifestyle

The winter months can make it difficult to do everyday things, every little helps when the weather is bad!

Help stock up supplies

Why not offer to do some shopping for elderly neighbours or relatives? Strong winds or snowy conditions can make it difficult for older people in the community to leave the house, which can make it hard to get food in.

Get people going

Cars can find it tricky to cope with snow – so if you see a driver struggling, offer to help push start or even de-ice a car for a neighbour, rather than have them do it on their own. A helping hand to get their journey started can make a huge difference to their day!

Clear the way

If you’ve managed to clear your driveway of snow, why not offer to do the same for your neighbours? They might not have a shovel or the strength to do so and will appreciate the help. You can also make use of local salt or grit bins and help clear the pavements.

Offer a hand

When the pavements and roads are icy, stairs can pose a real danger. Why not assist somebody if you see them struggling to manoeuvre steps. Carrying a small bag of salt (about a handful) with you means you can help deal, with those particularly slippy steps.

Help feed the vulnerable

Check out Volunteer Scotland for opportunities to help deliver meals to the most vulnerable in your community, or to help the homeless by working at a soup kitchen.

By assisting those in your community, you can help to keep everyone safe when the winter chill sets in!