10 Useful Young Scot Card Facts in Lifestyle

Got a Young Scot card but aren't sure what to do with it? Read these 10 great facts and get clued up!

1. Cinema Discounts


Want to see the latest blockbuster? No problem. With your Young Scot card you get a discounted ticket rate at Vue Cinemas and Cineworld Cinemas! There’s no excuse for missing a film now.

2. Shopping Discounts 


Planning to hit the shops? Your Young Scot card can be used in a variety of high street and online shops to help save extra cash! For more details on the shopping discounts we offer, click here.

3. Proof of Age


Because of the PASS logo, the Young Scot card is legally classed as proof of age. However, retailers can decide for themselves what forms of ID they accept.

4. Valid Until the Age of 26


The Young Scot card isn't just useful while you’re still in school – you can actually keep on using it until you’re 26!

5. Library/Gym Access


In some areas your Young Scot card can be used to access local gym or library facilities – great for studying and keeping fit!

6. Transport Discounts


If you’re aged between 16 and 18 you’re entitled to discounts on travel – including local buses, trains and ferries! For more detailed information on travel discounts with your Young Scot card see this page.

7. ID for UK Flights


If you’re jetting off to somewhere else in the UK then you can use your Young Scot card as ID at the airport. If you haven’t got a passport already, this could save you over £70.00! Always check that your airline will accept this form of ID before booking though.

8. Usable in Europe


Did you know that your Young Scot card also doubles as a European Youth Card? That means that when you’re visiting European countries you will be entitled to some discounts varying from hostels to bowling! 

9. Rewards


Young Scot Rewards connects you to loads of amazing opportunities; to learn, share your opinions and get involved online and offline. Collect points for completing fun activities and exchange for some great rewards and opportunities. Register for rewards online here.

10. Info & Support


Young Scot isn’t just a card, we are Scotland’s youth and citizenship charity and offer a wealth of information and support to all young people – just see our website for all the content available to you.

If you'd like more information on how to get a Young Scot card or get your card replaced, click here