Sport Is for Everyone in Identity

The Young people’s sport panel is working with LGBT Youth Scotland to help raise awareness of the issues that lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people come across in sport.


The Equality Network have produced a report that investigates homophobia and transphobia in Scottish sport. They found that 79% of respondents think there is a problem with homophobia in sport and 62% of LGBT respondents have witnessed or experienced homophobia or transphobia in sport.


Get educated!

Education starts with understanding - do you know what the definitions of these words are? 

  • Lesbian: A woman who is emotionally and physically attracted to other women
  • Gay: Someone who is emotionally and physically attracted to people of the same gender

Some women prefer to refer to themselves as gay women rather than lesbian, although the word gay is most commonly used in reference to men.

  • Trans men/women: Strong desire to live completely and permanently to a gender not assigned to them at birth.

- Female-to-male (FTM) transsexual man (trans man)

- Male-to-female (MTF) transsexual woman (trans woman)

Get more info and support from LGBT Youth Scotland, the largest youth and community-based organisation for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in Scotland. 

Plus, check out loads more info on equality in sport from sportscotland.