8 Reasons to Volunteer in Community

What are the benefits of volunteering, and why is it worth your time? We explain why it's great to help out others: 

1) It’s fun

 Volunteers we speak to always tell us how much they enjoy it! Don’t just take our word for it, though – get out there and give it a try!


2) You’ll make friends 

People who volunteer are generally a really friendly bunch and whatever you find yourself doing you’re bound to get along with the other people working there.


3) You can learn how to do new things 

Get out of your comfort zone and try something different. Before you know it you’ll have a huge range of new skills you never even dreamed of!


4) It’ll make a big difference to other people

By getting involved in charities you can make a huge difference to your local community – or even for people at the other side of the world.


5) You’ll find out what you enjoy doing 

Volunteering gives you the chance to try different activities but without the same level of commitment as a job.

6) You might be able to get a qualification

Check out some of the volunteering awards you could be eligible for. Here is your Rewards code: LY5ADJ

Work towards a Youth Achievement AwardDynamic Youth Award or Saltire Award.

7) It’ll look great on a college or university application 

Everyone’s trying to make their UCAS application stand out. Your regular volunteering will prove you’re passionate, committed, reliable and great with people.


8) It’s great work experience 

Volunteering can help you prove you have experience when you’re trying to get your career started. My World of Work have loads of info about volunteering and how it can help you get your dream job. 


Feeling inspired? Check out what volunteering opportunities are available near you!