Upcycling: DIY Fashion for Less in Community

Want to develop your own unique style but need to do it on a budget? Well we have some great tips to keep you on trend for less! 

What is 'upcycling'?

Upcycling is about re-using old clothes and household items by turning them into something new. It means that stuff that you previously might have thrown away can have a fresh lease of life! The only limit is your creativity and imagination.

It could be:

  • Turning a jumper that’s shrunk in the washing machine into a new handbag.
  • Cutting and sewing T-shirts into new hats, scarves, ties or bags.
  • Using old fabric and leather into mobile phone or tablet covers.
  • Sewing lots of old ties together to make a mini-skirt.
  • Refreshing old dresses into something newer and hipper.

Why do it?

There are lots of advantages to Upcycling. It’s a cheap, or free, way to make yourself something truly unique and it’s really environmentally friendly too!

Where’s it happening?

There are organisations across Scotland that can give you ideas, or help you with sewing /repairing skills. For more information about what’s happening near you click on the links to their websites:

• Re-made Edinburgh – (get Rewards points here!)
• Eco-Chic Fashion Freak Glasgow
• Nic's Eco-Knits- Alloa
• Upcycle Orkney

Can't get to a workshop? No worries! Check out some other examples of Upcycling on Pinterest and lots of how-to guides on YouTube: