Get The Facts About Knife Crime in Community

We’re working with No Knives Better Lives  to help give you the facts about the consequences of knife crime.

Carrying a knife can be a split second decision that changes your life forever.

Just carrying a knife won't get me into trouble surely?

Possession of a knife carries a prison sentence of up to 5 years even if it's not used.

And it's not just even a knife - carrying any kind of offensive weapon can get you time in prison. This can include things like a sharpened comb, or something with a blade that's disguised as something else, like a lighter or a pen.

Police regularly stop and search people they think are carrying a weapon. Find out more about police rights.

How does a criminal record impact my life?

And prison sentences can impact the rest of your life – you will have a criminal record, you won’t be able to get certain jobs, and you might not even be allowed to study certain degrees at uni. And some countries won’t allow you to travel there, even just for a holiday. Find out more about criminal records.

If I use a knife, what happens? 

If you end up using a knife, and it kills someone, you can get a life sentence in prison.

And it’s much easier for someone to be killed by stabbing than you might think.

A person can bleed out in 1 minute if stabbed in the heart. And a wound in the arm or the leg can still kill -  young people have died from wounds to the leg because an artery was severed.

To find out more about knife crime and it's impacts, visit the No Knives Better Lives site

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