Food Poverty: Myths vs Facts in Community

How much do you know about the ways in which food poverty affects people in Scotland and across the UK? We separate the myths from the facts.

Zero Hunger1. Myth: Poverty doesn't exist in Scotland.

Fact: More than 22,000 children in Scotland live below the poverty line and are unable to afford basic essentials such as food.

2. Myth: People suffer from poverty because they're lazy and don't want to work.

Fact: People suffering from poverty may be socially excluded which makes it very difficult for them to find work.

3. Myth: The most immediate affect of poverty is having to sell the family car.

Fact: The most immediate affect of poverty is hunger.

4. Myth: It's easy to identify people in the community suffering from hunger.

Fact: If someone is living in poverty they may feel embarrassed and want to hide it. You may never realise what conditions they are living through. 

5. Myth: It's up to food banks to solve the problem of food poverty in Scotland.

Fact: Poverty in Scotland can be solved if the government, organisations, charities AND individuals get involved.  Show your support to eradicate hunger by following  #wescarehunger or #freethechildren.

Did you know?: The Trussell Trust fed over 71,000 people between 2013/2014.

6. Myth: Only adults and businesses can donate to local food banks.

Fact: Many young people understand how important is is to help their community by making food donations and running fundraising events.

7. Myth: Only people in poorer countries suffer from real hunger.

Fact: 98% of the world's undernourished people live in poorer developing countries which means that 2% live in richer countries like the UK.

8. Myth: Countries have a high level of food poverty because the people don't have the skills to grow their own food.

Fact: A major factor in food production is the environment. Soil erosion and climate change are affecting people's ability to grow food.

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9. Myth: We can only help the people that live in Scotland who are experiencing food poverty. 

Fact: There are many charities who are taking action to improve food security abroad. For example CIFAL Scotland is helping 42 communities in Southern Bangladesh to adapt to the problems they face.

10: Myth: Only adults, organisations and governments can make a real difference.

Fact: You can join any one of the charities who are looking to make a difference to food poverty in the world, and you may even want to volunteer abroad.

How can I get involved?

Find out more about the work of organisations who are working to end poverty, and how you can help them:

Project Abroad

World Wide Association of Organic Farms

We Scare Hunger - Free the Children

Cifal Scotland Bangladesh Project

End Child Poverty


What else is being done to end poverty?

The UN is working to end poverty and create a sustainable future through 17 key goals, and you can get involved through Young Scot Rewards