Behind the Scenes at Edinburgh Airport in Community

Our vlogger Jack went on a behind the scenes tour of Edinburgh Airport to learn about how the airport operates in order to understand what effect the changes to their flight paths will have and how young people can have their say.

On Monday 3rd April, I was invited by Young Scot to go on a visit to Edinburgh Airport to ask staff important questions and to also gather information that may not be known to others about #LetsGoFurther - the change in the airports' flight paths.

My visit to the airport was recorded on Young Scot's Snapchat (youngscotsnaps) on the day but I got to vlog most of the day too!

Though I am from Dundee myself and not usually in Edinburgh, I thought this was a great opportunity to learn about the concerns of those in different areas to myself and to give a young person’s perspective overall.

The day started off when we met the staff in the check-in area of the airport. We were informed about what we would be doing on the tour of the airport. This had been the first time I had been back to the airport since Dec 2015 when I was travelling to Cologne, Germany on a school trip. While making my way through security, I was told that Edinburgh Airport has been typically the “business” airport out of the Scottish Airports. Compared to Glasgow, where there is a lot of holiday destinations, Edinburgh typically has been the hotspot for business or Cargo flight. Over the last few decades this has begun to change as Edinburgh now competes with the other Airports for holiday destinations.

The tour continued to the command tower. This is where planes are organised into their parking bays around the airport. The two staff members who were working while we visited, showed me how they controlled the mass number of planes that come in and out of the airport on a daily basis and how every day is not the same.

When I asked about the new flight paths, the staff members both agreed it would have many important advantages for the airport that even relates to their own role. They also indicated that the airport is going through a big restructure so that it can fit more bays for the planes at the airport. As Edinburgh is becoming more and more popular, the need for the airport to grow to match the heavy demand of travellers and aircraft is very important.

We were then fortunate enough to receive a tour of the runway in one of the airports call-out pick up trucks. I was amazed at the vast scale of the land that the airport actually covers! Once we finished up on the runway part of the tour, we travelled to the luggage area of the airport. While walking to this part of the airport I was able ask the staff a lot of important questions such as what the main concerns of those they had consulted so far were and how they plan to tackle these concerns.

The staff told me that these concerns related mostly to noise and environmental impacts.

When I asked what they were doing to try tackle these issues, they shared that they are giving the option to us to choose which flight paths are best through the consultation survey and that they hope this will then result in a fair representation of what people think are the best options. Many different flight path options have been suggested for each route.

When tackling environmental impacts the staff mentioned that it is releasing its Carbon footprint report and continues to protect local wildlife while developing and growing its airport.

When we arrived at the luggage area, we were greeted by two staff members who oversaw all the luggage control. This part of the tour was top secret, so unfortunately we couldn't vlog there! They explained how this part of the airport will be getting renovated in the near future as it is one of the oldest parts still in use!

This then finished off the tour and we were escorted back to the check-in area.

The day had been one I will truly always remember and one that I will cherish. Being able to practice my vlogging also has been a great opportunity as I have never vlogged before. I know I have a lot more to learn and I do need a bit more practice but this opportunity has inspired me to work more with vlogging.

Overall, the visit to Edinburgh Airport informed me that the airport want to make sure changing the flight paths affects the least amount of people possible and for those living in these areas that may be affected, how important it is to give your opinion.

Since I am from Dundee there's only so much I can say - however, if you believe that changing the flight paths affect you in any way, and have an opinion on the matter please go and fill out the survey. The future is in our hand, let’s make it the best we can make it for everyone!

Jack Brady

Edinburgh Airport's flight paths will be changing, but you can have your say on which option you think is best.

Find out more & fill in the survey at