All About Cosmetic Surgery in Body

Lip fillers, butt implants, botox... no matter what procedure it is, it's important to do your research on cosmetic surgery. 

What is cosmetic surgery?

Cosmetic surgery or procedures involve changing your appearance in some way.

What kinds of cosmetic surgery are there?

Cosmetic surgery and procedures can include getting changes to your breasts, lip injections, implants in your bottom, nose reshaping, and botox, which gets rid of wrinkles.

Why do people get cosmetic surgery?

Sometimes it’s because they don’t like the way parts of their body look and want to change it. Other times it’s because of medical reason, and in some of these cases the NHS will fund the procedure. For example some people can get their nose reshaped if they find it hard to breathe, or if the size of a woman’s breasts is causing them backache they can get breast reduction surgery.

What risks are there?

There are a number of risks to cosmetic surgery, but each procedure has it’s own potential complications. All of these risks increase hugely if you don’t go to a licensed practitioner – there have been incidents of women dying after being injected with the wrong kind of silicone by unlicensed people.

It’s quite expensive, should I just go for a cheap option?

Going for a cheaper option is unlikely to be a good idea. You should make sure to do proper research of your options, looking at all possible practitioners, surgeons and the aftercare they offer. You want someone you feel safe with, and that you think is capable of looking after you at every stage.

For more information on the different kinds of procedures, potential costs and risks, and what you should expect, visit the NHS cosmetic surgery site.