Why It's Worth Going for an STI Test in Sex

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Getting tested for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) when we need to is the responsible, grown-up thing to do - it shows we have respect for ourselves and the people we're close to.

However, it's natural to be worried about getting tested.

Remember: doctors and clinic staff are there to help - they won't judge you or tell you off, and your test results will be kept private

Being sure of your sexual health status reduces anxiety

It's the 'not knowing' that most people find hardest to deal with

The vast majority of people who go for an STI test find they are not infected. However, knowing this is nowhere near as re-assuring as getting the all clear for real.

Even getting a positive result can be a relief and a good thing in the longer term.

It may come as a bit of a shock at first, but knowing what you have is the first step to getting treatment and getting better or protecting your health for the future.

Medical professionals understand your fears

Medical staff are used to dealing with people who are worried about tests and are trained to help you make the right decisions. Why not read our advice on going to the doctors?

Knowing about infections means you can protect loved ones

If you do test positive, you'll be able to take steps to protect your partner, family members and other people you're close to and any children you might want to have in future.

The earlier you find out, the better it will be

Even if you have something that can't be cured, like HIV, serious infections can be managed effectively if they're discovered early enough.

With modern treatment and care, people with HIV can look forward to years of normal and otherwise healthy life.

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