The Holiday Sex F.A.Q in Sex

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The answer to all your holiday sex questions to make sure you're safe and protected if you're having sex on holiday. 

Remember, you have to be 16 or over to legally consent to sex.

Q: Is it safe to use condoms in water?

A: It depends where. The salt in seawater normally wouldn't affect condoms, but the chemicals in swimming pools, such as chlorine, can cause condoms to split. 

Q: Can heat damage condoms?

A: Yes, more often than not, heat and condoms don't mix well. The heat from a hot tub, or leaving condoms in a car or a wallet/purse makes condoms more likely to break.

Q: If I'm on the pill, will drinking alcohol affect how my pill works?

A: Usually alcohol itself shouldn't affect how effective your pill is, but drinking too much alcohol can make you sick. If you're sick or have diarrhea within 2-3 hours of taking your pill, it won't have been absorbed by your body and won't work. You should take another pill straight away, and so long as you keep that pill down, you should still be protected against pregnancy. After that, keep taking the rest of your pills as normal. 

Remember, you should always be careful about how much alcohol you drink.

Find out more about alcohol units and drinking alcohol on holiday.

Q: Where can I get the morning after pill abroad?

A: If you think you're going to have sex on holiday, it's important to bring along condoms and/or your pill, or any other contraception you're using.

Find out how to choose the right contraception for you.

You may also be able to get an emergency morning after pill in advance from your pharmacy or GP, to take with you in case of any accidents with your usual contraception.

The morning after pill is also available for purchase quite easily from a pharmacy in most E.U. countries, as well as Canada, Australia, New Zealand and some of the US. You'll have to pay for the pill, and the cost will vary according to the country you're in.

Remember, the morning after pill has to be taken within 72 hours of having unprotected sex and doesn't protect you against STDs.

Q: Can travelling to a different time zone affect me if I'm on the pill?

A: The contraceptive pill works best if it is taken every 24 hours. If you're travelling to a country with a different time zone, you can use a time zone calculator to figure out at what time you should be taking your pill every day while you're on holiday.


In the UK, it is illegal to have sex when you are under 16, however this may vary in different countries and you must abide by the laws and the age of consent in the country you are visiting.

Having sex with someone who is under the legal age is a serious offence and punishable by law.

To check information about the laws in a country you are travelling to, visit Gov.UK and check out #SummerReady for foreign laws you might not have known about.